InformMe Citizen Notification System
InformMe Citizen Notification System
Emergency Alert Program

InformMe, Newark's Citizen Notification System provides you with the opportunity to select the information you want to receive and the delivery method(s) through which you want to receive it.

Now, not only will you receive emergency alerts which are mandatory, you can also select from a list of municipal service, traffic, or community alerts that have one thing in common they all provide useful information in a timely fashion!

By registering, InformMe allows you to prioritize delivery methods which includes home, mobile or business phone numbers, email(s), fax numbers, and text messaging. Additionally, once we receive confirmation that a message has been successfully delivered, our system will stop contacting your other selections, something that some view as a nuisanse.

Individuals with disabilities who need assistance can register by calling the City Manager's Office at (302) 366-7020.

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